D-Cinema Workshop @ IBC

Dieses ist eine der wenigen Ausnahmen, in der Akündigungstext für eine Veranstaltung vorgezogen wird.

Es geht um den D-Cinema Workshop for the Post Production Industry der am Sonntag, den 11. September in Zusammenarbeit mit dem European Digital Cinema Forum,
EDCF , durchgeführt, von Dave Monk aus dem Vereinigten Königreich moderiert werden

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und hier mit einigen Bildmotiven illustriert wird.

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Die Teilnehmer:

- Walt Ordway, Digital Cinema Initiatives, USA

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- Howard Lukk, Walt Disney Studios, USA

- Matt Cowan, Entertainment Technology Consultants, USA

- Glenn Kennel, Texas Instruments, USA

- Michael Karagosian, Karagosian MacCalla Partners, USA

- Steve Bergman, Deluxe Laboratories, USA

- Paul Collard, Ascent Media, UK

- Wendy Aylsworth, Warner Bros, USA

- Peter Wilson, High Definition & Digital Cinema Ltd, UK

As Hollywood publishes standards for D-Cinema how will this impact on the Post-Production industry?

Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) has just produced its specification document for Digital Cinema. This will have a major bearing on those companies involved in the production and post production of movies.
We are joined by many of the architects and advisors of the DCI specification for a run through of the document with a special focus on the implications for Post Production companies.

DCI Chief Technical Officer, Walt Ordway, and past DCI Exec Howard Lukk (now Executive Director of Production Technology, Walt Disney Studios) and other representatives from Hollywood’s DCI will explain their thinking and will present a summary of the key elements concerning mastering, resolution, compression, encryption and projection.

Steve Bergman Managing Director of E-Film & Chair of the Hollywood Post-Alliance will explain how post-houses in Hollywood are now preparing movies for D-Cinema and Paul Collard, Vice President of Film & Digital Services Ascent Media, will provide a view from Europe.

Matt Cowan from Entertainment Technology Consultants, will provide another perspective on the implications of DCI spec on the post industry.

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Finally, Wendy Aylsworth from Warner Brothers & SMPTE DC28 together with Peter Wilson, Technical Chairman of EDCF will join us for a highly interactive Question & Answer session.