3D US only ?

Nachfolgend im Zitat ein Überblick über das Verzeichnis der Redner, so wie es zum Ende der ersten Septemberwoche publiziert wurde, um auf die vom 20. bis 22. September 2011 angesetzte Veranstaltung "3D Entertainment Summit. The Global Business Event on Everything in 3D" hinzuweisen. [1]

Trotz der hier aufgefahrenen "Starbesetzung" fällt auf, dass der derzeit wachstumsstärkste Bereich, nämlich Asien, kaum mit eigenen Firmen und/oder Sprechern vertreten ist - ebensowenig wie Deutschland.
Oder finden Sie, verehrte Leserin, sehr geehrter Leser, findet Ihr, liebe Freunde und werte Kollegen, in der nachfolgend zitierten Liste Sprecher aus Deutschland und/oder aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum?

Keynote & Featured Speakers:

TOM ROTHMAN, Chairman & CEO, FOX Filmed Entertainment
BRYAN BURNS, Vice President Strategic Business Planning and Development, ESPN
MICHAEL V. LEWIS, Chairman/CEO & Co-Founder, RealD
JOHN REVIE, Senior Vice President of Home Entertainment Product Marketing,
Samsung Electronics America
CHRIS McGURK, Chairman and CEO, Cinedigm Digital Cinema
MICK HOCKING, Vice President, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide
Studios Group
BOB DOWLING, Co-Producer & Conference Chairperson, 3D Entertainment Summit

Other Speakers Include:

Ray 3D Zone
Fared Adib, VP Product Development, Sprint
Tim Alessi, Director of New Product Development
Victoria Alonso, EVP Visual Effects, Marvel
Jon Barad, Sr.Business Development Manager, NVIDIA
Stuart Bowling, Worldwide Technical Marketing Manager, Dolby Laboratories
Dan Casey, VP Research Home Entertainment, Interpret, LLC
Jim Chabin, President, International 3D Society
Mike Chase, CTO, dinCloud
David Cohen, Special Features Editor,Variety
Josh Cohen, CEO, Pearl Media
Matt Costello, President, Polar Productions Ltd.
Helen Davis Jayalath, Senior Analyst, Home Entertainment, IHS Screen Digest
Rick Dean, Chairman at 3D@Home Consortium & Sr. Vice President, THX Division
Mark Deloura, VP Technology, THQ
Frank Demartin, VP Consumer Product Sales, Mitsubishi
Christian Donohue,Managing Director, Tennenbaum Investments
Andrew Fear, Senior Product Manager
John Gaudiosi, Senior Content Advisor, Co-Founder, 3D Gaming Summit & Gamerlive.tv
Jason Goodman, CEO, 21st Century 3D
Charlotte Jones, Senior Analyst, Cinema, IHS Screen Digest
Buzz Hays, SVP 3D Production, Executive Stereoscopic 3D Producer
Scott Hettrick, Partner, Shamrock Capital Advisors
Andy Howard, Partner, Shamrock Capital Advisors
Joe Hovorka, Senior Vice President-Equity Research – Leisure, Raymond James & Associates, Inc.
Robert Jaffe, Vice Chairman, Prime Focus World
Peter Koplik, President Digital Cinema, MasterImage 3D
Derrik J. Lang, Entertainment Reporter and Producer,The Associated Press
Alan Kraemer, Chief Technology Officer, SRS Labs
Lorne Lanning, Co-Founder, OddWorld Inhabitants
Michael Lustenberger, VP of Global Brand Management, THQ
Rick Marazzani, Director of Content & Programming, Exent
Anthony Marcoly, Executive Vice President, Cinema, RealD
Richard Marks, Senior Researcher, Research & Development, Sony Computer Electronics
Michele Martell, COO, Cinedigm Content & Entertainment Group
Jonathan Dern, President & Co-Founder, Cinedigm
Bernard Mendiburu, VP Innovation, Volfoni
Wayne Miller, President, Chief Creative Officer, Action 3D Productions
Gus Mustrapa, Editor, Wired
Jeremy Nikolai, Senior Programmer, God of War Origins Collection
Matt Norton, Studio Director, BigPoint
Jon Peddie, President, JPR Research
David Perry, CEO, Gaikai
Chris Petrovic, GM GameStop Digital Ventures, GameStop Corp.
Bai Qiang, Founder & CEO, 3D China Ltd, Ample Luck International Capital Group
Matty Rich, Hollywood 3D Director and Game Creator
Peter Rogina, President, Enchanted Glass Entertainment
Pierre (Pete) Routhier, Vice President, 3D Product Strategy & Business Development Technicolor
Shane Satterfield, Editor-in-Chief, GameTrailers.com
Neil Schneider, Executive Director, S-3D Gaming Alliance & President & CEO Meant to be Seen
Brian Selzer, President/Co-Founder, Ogmento, Inc
Marty Shindler, CEO, The Shindler Perspective
James Stewart, Founder/Producer/Director, Geneva Film Company
Craig Tanner, Co-Founder, Digital Revolution Studio
Roy Taylor, Executive Vice President & General Manager, MasterImage 3D
Doug Triconi, President, Jump! 3D & Executive Producer, In the Qube 3D
Ken Venturi, Chief Creative Officer & EVP Media Interactive,NCM Media Networks
Jay Wright, Sr. Director Business Development, Qualcomm
Careen Yapp, VP Acquisitons and Franchise Development, Konami Digital Entertainment
Chris Yewdall, President & CEO, DDD Group
Craig Tanner, Co-Founder, Digital Revolution Studios

[1"The 3D Entertainment Summit® in association with Variety, co-produced by The Bob Dowling Group and Unicomm, LLC is the industry’s leading, most respected business event focused on the mega-drivers of 3D Entertainment. Now in its fourth year, 3D Entertainment Summit® brings together thought leaders from around the globe to analyze 3D in all platforms – theatrical, home entertainment, broadcast, television, gaming, advertising, and alternative content. A comprehensive “state-of-the-industry” that affords an in-depth look at how visionaries and luminaries see the future ahead in this rapidly changing marketplace."