busted? retired? reborn?

Aufstieg und freier Fall in die Selbständigkeit des Phil McKinney.

Man kann suchen und fragen wen man will. Der Grund, warum der langjährige hp-Innovations-Chef der Firma heute den Rücken gekehrt hat, wird nicht wirklich klar benannt.

Und auf das, "was man so hört" oder herausgefunden hat, soll hier nicht weiter eingegangen sein.

Interessant ist vielmehr zu sehen und zu erfahren, wie der mit seinem Renommé umgeht - und zu Geld zu machen versteht.

Dazu - als pars pro toto - die "Einladung" zur Teilnahme an seinem Online-Seminar, Boot Camp genannt.

Eine Veranstaltung, die auf dem freien Markt angeblich zu einem Betrag von mindestens $ T20 und mehr eingekauft werden würde und die hier mit einer Partizipation von "nur" $ T8 für den ganzen Kurs eingekauft werden könne.

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Das Ganze war angetriggert worden durch eine Mail vom 1. Februar 2011, 00:26, in der es hiess:

Wolf …

It’s been a busy time over the last few months. At the end of the year, I “retired” as the CTO for HP (see new contact info below) and in 7 days, my first book, Beyond The Obvious will launch.

As you could guess, I’m not really retiring. Post-HP, my focus is on the launch of the book, hitting the speaker circuit and building a private client practice focused on helping individuals and organizations to create game-changing innovations.

As for the book, it will be released worldwide on Tuesday, February 7th. The hardcover and e-book are available for ordering at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes. My publisher, Hyperion, has made Chapter 1: Why Questions Matter available as a free download.

So what is the book about? The following is a review recently published by Publishers Weekly.

"McKinney, vice president and chief technology officer for Hewlett-Packard’s Personal Systems Group, provides a thoughtful yet practical guide to consistently generating innovation. Arguing that ideas are a company’s most valuable currency, he maintains that an organization’s success will be determined by its ability to generate ideas that lead to innovations that customers want.

To help companies ignite these ideas, McKinney shares a system called the ’Killer Questions’: a tool that prompts re-evaluation of old organizational beliefs that dictate how a company operates but which may no longer hold value. To do so requires negotiating the forces inside an organization that challenge innovation as well as dealing with outside curve balls.

While re-examining core beliefs is hardly new advice, McKinney’s system helps distinguish valuable ideas from others with less potential as well as paying attention to delivering value to customers, the value chain, manufacturing and supply, marketing and sales, shipping and distribution, and the customer experience.

McKinney also provides an invaluable guide to extracting ideas from the book and applying them within an organization. He includes a helpful time line and six rules to keep companies on track. Offering concrete advice, McKinney gives organizations the tools they need to generate ideas and know that they’re moving in the right direction."

Given that the launch of the book is just around the corner, I wanted to invite you to the following:

1) I’m hosting a live online discussion about the book this Thursday (February 2) at 10:00AM Pacific. [1]If you would like to join in, you can register here

2) The book launch event will take place at the Computer History Museum (Mountain View, CA) on Thursday, February 16th at Noon Pacific. Registration is required

3) Barnes & Noble has scheduled a book signing for Beyond The Obvious on Thursday, February 23rd at 7:00PM at the Barnes & Noble Stevens Creek (3600 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA 95117).

If you are interested in helping spread the word about the book, I would greatly appreciate you pointing your friends and followers to the main book site, www.BeyondTheObvious.com .

Thanks ...

Und veröffentlicht wird all dies heute am 16. Februar 2012, dem Tag, an dem sein erstes Buch im Computer History Museum der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt wird.

Nachfolgend als PDF [2]
der Text des ersten Kapitels, das zum Zeitpunkt der Zusendung der hier zitierten Mail bereits online als Teaser zur Verfügung gestellt wurde:

Chapter One: Why Questions Matter
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Herunterladen (1006.5 kB)

Das erste Mal, das der Autor und Phil Visitenkarten getausch hatte, war auf der NAB 2006 es folgten weitere Begegnung in Berlin

The Lord of the Rings 2.0

und erneut in Las Vegas:

NAB-Show_2010: Day Two


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[2Interessant, dass dieses FileDownload mit dem Namen "nachruf_auf_das_magnetband.pdf" ausgestattet ist. WS.