Design Thinking & Idea Development (VI)

Today is Presentation Day.

For all students, this is the only time where personal presence is obligatory.

The participation on one of the presentations and the delivery of a paper is obligatory [1]

You are allowed and encouraged to invite participants who are member of the bbw-Hochschule, students as well as staff.

If you want external visitors to participate, they have to be approved by the "Planungsmanagement", namely Doreen Schmidt [2]

Here is today’s schedule (which still may change up to the last moment :-)

8:00 am

Breakfast (Sektfrühstück)

8:30 - 09:45 am

bbw-Buddy-Bear-Design-Challenge related topics

- Buddy Bear Designing Process (Tuuli)

- Buddy Bear Contest Proposals (Linh/"Lily")

10:00 - 12:00 am

- Love Project (Idil)

- My Book Project (Bina)

- Ego-Trip Project (Akrem)

12:30 - 15:00

- Beauty Bee Project (Xenia)

- Fashion Branding (Shadi)

- Fashion 4 (Marieke Anna, Lara, Maria, Salim)

- Music & Lyric 1 (Nhat Thanh)

- Beat-Boxing 1 (Julian)

- The "Band-Wagon-Video" Project (Yves) has to be postponed.
- Today’s presentations will close with a tiny little jam session including Julian & Wolf:

For your encouragement this snippet - although in German - from a presentation of Claus Braun at the Urania Berlin [3], February 24th 2017: "Träume als Sprache der Seele?" about nightmares of students before their exams - and the astonishing positive results:

Presentation-Rating-List (in German language):

[1We have agreed, that the deadline for a final delivery will be one week later, March 17th. by mail. If the paper is delivered, the title of the topic will be presented in bold letters.

[2Tel.: +49 (30) 3199095-36,[AT]

[3Here are some further notes about the URANIA - in German: Einsichtnahmen ins ICH, in der URANIA.

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