Lieber (k)ein Ende mit Schrecken?

Heute ein Agenturbericht ueber den "American Dream" vom gemeinsamen "Live-Style" der etwas anderen Art. Er erreichte uns zu Beginn der Woche auf unserem "Kanal aus Chicago" und zitiert die Ergebnisse von Befragungen, die im Zusammenhang stehen mit der Veröffentlichung des Buches "The Spirit Man"

"Americans Regret Choices About Love
Wish for Different Mate, Quicker End to Bad Relationships"

CHICAGO, Aug. 2 /PRNewswire/2 Aug 2004 16:11 GMT/ - Nearly 15 percent of Americans say their biggest regret in life involves a love relationship. Of those, more than half say they would choose a different mate or dump a former love sooner if they could change their past, according to a survey released today.

"A lot of married people wake up each day wishing they had made a different choice," said Sean K. Murphy, author of The Spirit Man, a novel about reuniting with a lost love. "More than a third of those who would have chosen a different mate are married, and half have children living at home."

According to the survey, among Americans who most want to change their romantic history, 36.5 percent say they would have chosen a different mate or partner; 20 percent would have ended a relationship sooner; 15 percent would reunite with a lost love; 12 percent would have ended things differently; and 7 percent would not have cared as much.

By a large margin, more women (28%) than men (9%) say they would have dumped their past love sooner. "Those women had trouble letting go or getting rid of a past love, and now wish they had that time back," Murphy said.

The study was conducted July 23-25, among 1,000 adult Americans on behalf of The Spirit Man by Synovate, a national research firm. It has a confidence factor of +/- 5 percent.

Wen ein solches Buch "anmacht", der kann es bestellen unter der ISBN Nr: 1401058019
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