Design-Thinking @ bbw HM029 (VI)

Day Six to Go

Today we will meet on the 7th floor at the Cafeteria:

To collect extra credits you are invited to present your favourite local food and to share it with us.

- Here is the example of Steven, setting the stage:

Bakcang (Peh Cun)
Download (29.8 kb)

- And the promise to present an artistically designed bottle of Mumm - ready to be opened - will be kept as well. [1].

On the photo below with two students presenting their favourite food you’ll find the bottle at the front of the table.

The Agenda (draft):


Time for preparation [2]


Setting the table


Starting the presentations [3]


Cleaning and resetting the tables


Closing doors

To finalize our encounter here are two study snippets...

... from Canada [4]:

... from the People’s Republic of China [5]:

[1Since 2014 MUMM is presenting its Art-Edition-Series, this year with Kristian Schulller.
Here you see the three bottles of this years’ edition, als presented in the promo video:

[2(where ever you are: on Friday the presentations went on up to 6. pm. so this is fair to award you this extra time out of the bbw-Hochschule)

[3All the students present provided some home-made food, and shared it with all the others present. They all earned 5 extra credit-points each. Another 5 extra-extra credit points was awarded to a student who had prepared and served her favourite home-made dish without having the chance to share any of the other offers, because she had decided not to break feasting before 4 p.m.

[4Thanks to Deutschlandradio Kultur, they played this title "Postdoc Blues" from the singer/songwriter and lecturer John K. Samson from his album "Winter Wheat" in the "Im Gespräch"-program on March 19th. 2019, 09:07

[5Out of a VR-classrooms with lots of HTC Vive equipped students, presented by Alviin Wang Graylin on his twitter account on March 11th 2019.
Note: on March 14th VIVEPORT(TM) announced the start of Viveport Infinity on April, 2nd 2019.